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Virtual Fitness Classes with Wendi Epps

Hi there!  I'm a fitness professional located in Wilmington, North Carolina.  I teach a variety of classes for many different fitness levels and even offer private yoga sessions.  I believe that yoga should be accessible, bring people together, and build personal strength, discipline, and confidence.  I've been teaching yoga for 4 years and have brought my classes online in an effort to keep people moving while practicing safe social distancing.

Weekly Class Schedule    (runs April 5-30)

Relax and Restore (1 hr. class)


1pm PST     2pm MST     3pm CST     4pm EST

Power Express  (30 min. class)


11am PST     Noon MST     1pm CST     2pm EST

Basic Yoga  (1 hr. class)


3pm PST     4pm MST     5pm CST     6pm EST

Donations are not required to

participate, but are much appreciated.

Suggested Donation: $1-$5 per class

 Thank you for considering!



How do Virtual Classes work?

  • You will see and hear me in the largest screen on your device

  • We will be able to chat via text on the same screen

  • I'll lead you through your class, and at times, be watching each of you to suggest changes or variations

  • Log in up to 10 minutes early to ask questions, say hi, set up your area, and get settled

How do I sign up for class?

  • Send an email to at least 1 hour prior to class with the subject line:  Sign me up for today's class!

  • I will respond with a link that will connect you to the live class

  • Log in up to 10 minutes early

  • Once the room is open, you have the option to use your video.  Audio will be closed to all participants, but the chat will be available.

What do I need to participate?

  • A device with a speaker and internet connection

  • A yoga mat, hard floor, or carpet


  • HDMI cable or other way to connect device to TV (to get a larger screen)

  • Yoga Blocks, 1-2 hardcover books

  • Yoga Blanket, towel, small blanket

  • Yoga Bolster, cushion, pillow

  • Yoga strap, tie, belt

Looking for some accountability?

Commit to a schedule of 1 or more class during the session and I'll send you a reminder 30 minutes before class.

Which class(es) are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are a great way to brush up on fundamentals, ask questions, explore modifications tailored to your needs, and gain new depths in poses with hands-on support.  Sessions can be held at the beach, in a local park, in a large backyard, or on a deck or patio.  Small group classes make great team building exercises or a fun afternoon with a group of friends.



One-on-One Private Yoga Training: $60 per hour

Couples Private Yoga Training: $80 per hour

Kids Yoga: $50 per hour


Fill out the form below to book a private yoga session.  Payments can be made via Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check.

Donations are much appreciated.

 Thank you for considering!



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